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How to configure JVM and eclipse on Mac OS X 10.6

I recently upgraded my Macbook from OS X 10.5 to 10.6 and eclipse stopped working with java. I was using Java 1.5 on 10.5 but OS X 10.6 has Java 1.6 as default java version.

I even tried installing Java 1.5 but it didn’t help. I found that JRE library was still pointing to old Java 1.5 which doesn’t exist on OS X 10.6. Here are the steps you can follow to sort out this issue.

1- On the menu, select ‘Project->Properties’.
2- On the left select ‘Java Build Path’
3- Look at the bottom of the “Libraries” tab. You’ll see the JRE library.
4- Select that and click ‘Edit’
5- On the next screen, change the JRE to either the workspace default JRE or select one from Alternate JRE.

Above steps fixed this issue for me. Please leave your comments if it helps you as well.

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